Born Oct. 2, 1972 in Chisinau, Moldova. I am the third child of my parents. The walls of my parents home were the canvas of my creative expression even before I learnt to walk. My parents always were giving me the possibility to make a choice and to express myself in ever-creative ways.


1996 - Higher Education Diploma in Fine Arts, Fine Arts Faculty, University of Chisinau, Moldova. 
2015 - International online photo school of Eastern Partnership.
2018 - Accredited Arts Therapy Course, London, UK.

Have participated in professional development programs.


2018 - Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, London.
2017 - Parallax Art Fair, Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London.
2016 - Parallax Art Fair, Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London.
2015 - Photo Exhibition-Contest "Triumphal Arch", Chisinau, Moldova.
2014 - Personal exhibition, Comrat Art Gallery (Gagauz Autonomy).
2014 - International Project "House in a cut, "Yaroslavl Art Museum, Russia.
2014 - Personal exhibition, Lomonosov and Hasdeu Libraries, Chisinau, Moldova.
2014 - "М-АRТ" group exhibition, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Chisinau, Moldova. 
2014 - "М-АРТ"  group exhibition , National Library, Chisinau, Moldova.
2014 - "М-АРТ"  group exhibition,"Constantin Brâncuși", Chisinau, Moldova. 
2011 - Climate is changing Music is not, Insight Space Gallery, Rome, Italy 
2011 - 2nd International Mail art Exhibition, Journey To The East, Indonesia.
2011 - Personal exhibition at the National Library, Chisinau, Moldova.
2011 - The 9th personal exhibition, Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Chisinau, Moldova.
2009 - December 1-20: Biennale, Chisinau, Moldova.
2009 - May 16 - Project: Fresh Green + Components, MILL STREET LOFT, New York,USA.
2009 - Mail Art Project "Self-portrait/Enter", Yaroslavl Art Museum, Russia.
2009 - The 2009 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Agora Gallery, New York, USA.
2009 - Comrat Art Gallery (Gagauz Autonomy),Personal Exhibition.
2009 – The 7th Personal exhibition. OSCE Mission, Chisinau, Moldova.
2008 - Climate Change - the Impact, Kempten, Germany.
2008 - Pygoya Gallery October theme show "Extraterrestrial", Honolulu, Hawaii ,USA.
2008 – “Hot time in the old city”, mail-art exhibition, Asylum Gallery, Sacramento, USA.
2008 –“Art Night”(organized by ICWM), MOLDEXPO, Chisinau, Moldova.
2008 – the 6th personal exhibition, National Library, Chisinau, Moldova.
2008 – “Young Creators”, Brincush Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova.
2008 -«Climate Change project»,Toronto, ACA GALLERY, Canada.
2007 – Exhibition-Contest dedicated to the music by E.Doga, Opera Theater, Chisinau, Moldova.
2007 – “Autumn Exhibition ”, Brincush Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova.
2007- «Gerhard Höberth & global Webism digital fineart»,Wasserburg am Inn, Germany.
2007 - "Austrian Development agency" and KulturKontakt exhibition 6 Kunstlerinnen aus Sudosteuropa (25th October-5th November 2007) in KUGA, Grobwarasdorf, Austria.
2007 - "Austrian Development agency" and KulturKontakt exhibition 6 Kunstlerinnen aus Sudosteuropa (3th-7th September 2007) in the Palais Porcia in Vienna,Austria.
2007 – “Saloanele Moldovei”, Brincush Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova – Bacîu, Romania.
2007 – «Climate Change project», Durango, Colorado,USA.
2007 - Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne(18, avenue de l’ElyséeCH–1014 Lausanne, Switzerland), a museum for photography, participation in international project – «We all are photographers now».
2007 – «Mixed Show» group exhibition,EE FineArt Gallery, Cambridge, England.
2006 – «Christmas Show» group exhibition,EE FineArt Gallery, Cambridge, England.
2006 - International Peace Autograph Project Exhibition(International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, Samarkand,Uzbekistan).
2006 – Third personal exhibition. OSCE Mission, Chisinau, Moldova.
2006 – Artist of Golden Heart 2006 Award(Gallery AG, Budapest).
2006 – Group exhibition “Art on line”- Gallery Calina, Regen, Germany.
2006 – D.O.E.R. AWARD (active webist).
2006 – Personal Exhibition “Mysterious Reality” (House of Nations in Moldova). 
2006 – Festimage - International Image Festival (Chaves City Hall, Portugal).
2006 –«A.G» gallery,Budapest,Hungary – participator of permanent exhibition.
2006 – Member of I.S.A.(International Society of Artists,Sweden).
2006 – member of WEBISM international movement.
2005 – The first personal Exhibition «Subjective Reality”, National Library, Chisinau, Moldova.
2005 – Upstream People Gallery(USA, Omaha),7th Abstract International Contest. Special reсognition for the art-work “Mirror”.
2005 - The 4th annual Photoworkshop Digital Imaging Competition(sponsored by Adobe).
2003 – “Young talents of Moldova”, Chisinau, Moldova.
1998 – “Anniversary exhibition of the Fine Arts Faculty”, Chisinau, Moldova.
1998 – “Decorative art”, Chisinau, Moldova.
1998 – “Object and subject”, Chisinau, Moldova.
1998 – “PLASE”,Chisinau, Moldova. 
1996 – Group exhibition at the historical museum of Moldova.

Art works in the private collections,museums and galleries :UK, USA, Russian Federation, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Kuwait, Latvia,Israel, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Ireland, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Ukraine, Moldova.